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Cleaning up the emoticon legend!

it's cleaning time! :sweep:

It was time! After many years of the Emoticon Legend going untouched, we thought it was finally time for a clean up. We want deviantART's Emoticon Legend to be the largest and highest quality legend in the world! Because of this goal, we gathered some community feedback and did some long-overdue Legend refreshing.

Primarily, we changed the unknown creator emoticons, followed by revamping some antiquated emoticons, and then added some new ones. Emote lovers: hopefully this update will hold you over until we can take a more comprehensive approach to the Emoticon Legend.

In addition, we'd like to recognize a few deviants who have been significant contributors in the emoticon community. Because of their efforts, we thought we would give them a bit of special recognition.

Seniorship FTW! We hope you enjoy the new emoticons!

unknown artist emoticons

    Previously, we had a great deal of emoticons in the Emoticon Legend with unknown creators. Because we could not locate the artists who made them, they needed to be either removed or remade. We chose the path of remaking them. Many artists submitted their own versions of the emoticons and we picked some to replace the mystery emoticons.


revamped emoticons

    Some of these emoticons needed some serious updating. We know that there are many more that could use similar revamping, but this is a pretty good start. We hope you like the revamps!


new emoticons

    We couldn't possibly go through switching some emoticons out without adding some new ones to play with! Enjoy...


Throughout the history of deviantART, there have been only a few people who have made significant impacts on the Emoticon Legend. Back when deviantART first launched, `monaux and `cynic made the most of the smilies. The next major player was `weaponzero with his stareplz, followed by `hprince329's lovable emoticons. Then was `budgieishere with never before seen animation, followed by emoticon community fanatic `zacthetoad. Next up are the following deviants—all who played a very important impact in the development of emoticons on deviantART. Congratulations to deviantART's newest senior members!


enjoy! ^__^

Again, we hope you enjoy the new emoticons. We understand that change might be hard because some of you might still be attached to the old emotes; however, we hope that you will make some room in your heart for these little newbies. Please note that all above mentioned changes are final and will not be reverted back. Nevertheless, all emotes are always up for cleaning once in a while, so if you think you can make better one, go for it and send it our way. Lastly, thanks to ^Synfull for helping to advocate for the Legend Refresh. We continue to look forward to working with the emoticon community and cannot wait to see what new and exciting emoticons you all can come up with! We are here. We are listening. deviantART <3's you! Srsly.

Your Emoticon Legend Team,

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June 20, 2009
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how can you have an emotion in the comment you put?
Pascua-Tanya Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Where you can make and upload a own Emoticon? That's something they have not said here and I would like to know how to make one :)
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KissGlos Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2011
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My favorite one.......:popcorn:
Christiangamer7 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009
my favorite new combo:onfire::smoking:
DresdenMurderScene Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
AWESOMETASTIC to all the new/revamped emotes! but i have to admit i'll really miss the old happytears, it was so simple and to the point. classic.
Nameda Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2009  Professional General Artist
most are better but some are not as good like O_o one hardly can recognise the eyes there
this ones should definately be added too:
:tighthug: :iconredbullglompplz: :typerhappy: :iconfurryglompplz: :iconloopydanceplz: :iconfurrydanceplz: or more furryness: [link] :iconvictorydanceplz: :icongromp:

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